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When using the ProAnchor it is important to remember some key techniques to insure proper performance.
ProAnchor is designed to drop straight down and land upright so it does not fall away from the intended anchor location. With its quick set, split tip design it provides the optimum in precision boat positioning.

Because it lands upright, you need to take the following steps to insure a quick accurate set.

1) Drop the anchor straight down and maintain tension on the rope, which will keep the slide ring at the top of the anchor. This is important to make sure the slide ring does not fall down to the pull out bail position. This will prevent the anchor from tipping into the engagement position. We found that a small foam float threaded on to the rope just above the anchor keeps the ring at the top and maintains tension for you.

2) Keep some tension on the rope as it slides thru your fingers. Once the boat drifts a short distance away from the anchor and creates about a 45º rope angle give the anchor a tug and it will tip over into the engagement position.

3) When you have reached a 3:1 rope scope (three times the rope length compared to water depth), you can stop releasing the rope and prepare to tie off.

4) In the event you have rough water, hard to hold conditions, increase your rope scope for better performance.

Good Luck Fishing!

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